The SCOTUS Justices' Reactions To Trump's Speech Were The Real Highlight Last Night

Our beloved Ruth Bader Ginsburg wasn't present at President Trump's first congressional address last night. And to be honest, we were really looking forward to see if the justice would fall asleep like she did during the 2015 State of the Union address. You know, à la Chrissy Teigen at the Academy Awards.
But despite the absence of our favorite Supreme Court judge, some buddies of Notorious RBG came through and gave us the best reactions to the president's speech.
Naturally, social media users took notice making Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Justice Elena Kagan, and Justice Stephen Breyer the internet's real MVPs during Trump's address.
Why? Well, because the trio was pretty much all of us watching the congressional address. A little bit of horror, a little bit of throwing up in our mouths, and a little bit of, "Wait. Is this actually real life?"
First of all, people on Twitter pointed out how the SCOTUS members collectively seemed to want to get the hell out of the chamber. And hey, we don't particularly blame them. After all, the speech was like an hour long.
However, Justice Kagan was the real breakout star of the night because her facial expressions were top notch. (And actually, they were pretty close to Michelle Obama's face when she got a gift from first lady Melania Trump during the inauguration.)
But Kagan wasn't the only one on the minds of Twitter users. Justice Breyer also got a little social media love, mostly because he was the living embodiment of the phrase, "What the actual fuck."
If last night's congressional speech was any indication, we have something to look forward to when we watch next year at Trump's first official State of the Union address: the best of the Supreme Court justices' reactions. Which makes us wonder. If Neil Gorsuch gets confirmed, will he also become a meme? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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