Topshop Expands To Size 18 But People Aren't Happy

High street retailers haven't always served customers above a size 16 well. With limited options, shoppers have been left out of most brands' aesthetic (advertising campaigns and mannequins) and output (the actual clothes).
Until recently, Topshop offered clothes up to a size 16, but the high street super-store has since added size 18 to its ranges, both in store and online, to the delight of many shoppers:
But while many have applauded Topshop for taking positive steps to more accurately cater for UK consumers, Cosmopolitan highlighted flaws in the limited stock, reporting that of 1456 tops available on the website, only 195 were available in an 18, while out of 800 dresses, only 67 were available in that size.
Twitter was also sceptical about the range, with some users implying the stock in store wasn't true to size:
Topshop have responded by replying to those protesting on Twitter but are yet to put out a statement. Although, having never officially announced the new size, perhaps we shouldn't expect one.

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