I Tried To Go Five Days Without Using Any Plastic

appearance by Lauren Singer; appearance by Lucie Fink.
If you're a fan of "Try Living with Lucie" (my 5-day challenge video series on YouTube), you may remember that a few years back I challenged myself to "5 Days of Zero Waste." I partnered up with Lauren Singer from Trash Is For Tossers and lived for an entire week in NYC without producing any waste.
Lauren can famously fit years worth of her trash in a small mason jar (everything else she uses is compostable or recyclable), so she taught me the ropes and helped me make the necessary adjustments to set myself up for a low-waste life.
It's been a few years and I've made many lasting changes, but this go-around I wanted to tackle a more specific challenge in the sustainability space...5 Days of No Plastic. So, why plastic?
According to a 2018 Refinery29 article, plastic takes a minimum of 450 years to break down, and some doesn't ever break down. By 2050, it's estimated that there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. Much of the plastic we use in our everyday lives ends up in the oceans, killing marine creatures and also making its way back up the food chain to us.
With a few simple swap-outs in various areas of your life, you can transform YOUR space to drastically reduce your plastic consumption. In this week's video, I make swap-outs in my kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and more...and I even learn how to have a plastic-free period. Did I mention I LOVE using my new menstrual cup? Package Free Shop has some amazing plastic-free items, so get going and make your swap-outs!

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