10 Movies & TV Shows To Watch This Valentine’s, Depending On How Mushy You’re Feeling

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.
There are many different kinds of Valentine's Day movie-and TV-viewing personalities. Maybe you just want to hang with your girls for the night (I REFUSE to use the term “Galentine's Day”) and watch a female-led comedy like Someone Great. Or, you may opt to ditch your friends on V-Day to focus on some self-love and binge a show that goes down like comfort food like The Good Place. If you are boo’d up, the day could be a nice excuse for a date night watching Game Night. Of course, there are the people who hate Valentine's but love rom-coms, and some people who simply don’t think about the occasion at all. (They're probably knee-deep into Narcos.)
No matter what your V-Day entertainment preference — whether you’re heading to the theatre or staying home in sweats — there’s a movie or TV show for you. I promise. Here are our picks for the best movies and TV shows to stream or go see in theatre on Valentine’s Day.

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