I Gave My Twin A Makeover — & Here's How She Looked

When people think of twins, they tend to picture Mary-Kate and Ashley — a dynamic duo with a perfectly aligned aesthetic. For me and my twin Allie, things couldn't be more opposite (and not just because we don't have millions upon millions of dollars in our bank account).
The moment people learn that I have a twin sister, their first question is always, "Do you look alike?" Well, we have the same build. Our teeth are pretty similar, so people have said we have the same smile. Our eyes are the same shape. And when we were young, our parents used to dress us in matching outfits.
In middle school, however, we started developing our own style. Allie prefers more classic and elegant; she calls my style "edgy and eclectic." I like trying out new trends and bright colours; she tends to go for minimalist fashion and natural, barely-there makeup.
So we decided to try the Twin Makeover Challenge. I completely revamped Allie's beauty routine and dressed her in my favourite outfit, and she did the same to me. Watch the video above to see how we took on new personas with drastically different looks. And that dark lipstick? Well, it ended up being her new fave.