8 Polite Ways To Say No When A Retail Worker Tries To Upsell You

If you're yet to experience making a panic purchase after being guilted by a persistent retail worker, you're one of the lucky ones. Whether the said purchase takes the form of a $1 tote bag, a 'must-buy' skincare product, or a facial treatment add-on, it can be difficult to say no, especially if you're a people pleaser.
Lucky for us, Melbourne-based finance writer and podcaster Emma Edwards has some nifty one-liners for us to pull out next time we're accosted. Politely putting your foot down when it comes to add-ons will not only help you stick to your budget, but will minimize product wastage too.
Of course, you could simply reply with a swift "no thanks" — you don't need to make an excuse or apologize for not purchasing something. We salute those who are this direct. But for those of us who do need a little help navigating awkward over-the-counter situations, these eight phrases are handy to keep in your back pocket.

I'm Researching

"Thanks so much for showing me that product. I'm actually still just researching today. Could you write down the details for me?"

I'm Waiting 48 Hours

"I'm being really smart with my budget right now so I'm waiting 48 hours before buying something. I'll come back another time if I decide to get it."

I'll Ask For It For My Birthday

"Thanks for your help. My partner has been asking me what I want for my birthday so I'll let them know and they can grab it."

I Need To Take Stock Of What I Already Have

"Thank you, that's been really helpful. I'm going to head home and take stock of what I've got and do a proper shop another time."

I Like To Try Products First

"I actually really like to try products before I buy them because my skin can be a bit sensitive. Do you have any samples or minis?"

I've Got A Voucher At Home

"I've actually got a gift voucher at home so I'll grab it when I've got that with me."

I'm Being Mindful Of Wastage

"I'm being really mindful of product wastage at the moment so I'm going to use what I've got first and come back when I'm ready to restock."

This Was Just A Gift

"Thanks for the information, this was actually a gift from someone else so I'm just here to enjoy the treatment today, but I appreciate the info."

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