This Is How Cannabis Truffles Are Made

You've seen (and maybe even eaten) those delicious weed-infused chocolate treats. But how are they actually made? And how are they so, um, effective? Well, in this new How Stuff Is Made video, we take you straight to the source to see how Altai's artisanal truffles are created.
As you'll see in the video, the process really starts with the hard chocolate shells of the truffles. These are made by mixing sugar, butter, condensed milk, and, yes, chocolate. The chefs also add one very special ingredient (a sativa concentrate) to the chocolate shells.
Once the top halves of the shells are complete, they have to cool for a few hours before the creamy filling is added. Then the other half is sealed with another layer of chocolate. When they're completely done, the chocolates are popped out of their molds and packaged.
After that, they make their way to you. And we all know what happens then.

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