I Let My Fiancé Pick My Outfits For 5 Days — Here Were The Biggest Surprises

appearance by Lucie Fink.
This week, I put my fiancé, Michael, to the ultimate test. I'm typically the one taking on the 5-day challenges in my YouTube series Try Living with Lucie, but this week, I challenged Michael to pick out my outfits for five days in a row.
I gave him very little direction (actually, I gave him no direction whatsoever), but as it turns out, when it comes to personal style, Michael is incredibly inventive — and even a little whimsical.
On Monday, he recreated an outfit from one of my favourite childhood photos. On Tuesday, he chose an all pink matching track suit. The outfit looked pretty cool until he added on a pair of ginormous baseball earrings — his own personal ode to his favourite sport.
Wednesday's look was fully thrifted, Thursday's was all about pizza (including a plastic pizza pocket and all), and Friday's hot pink matching set was unlike anything I'd ever think Michael would choose.
Watch the video above.

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