10 Beauty Products Instagram Made Me Buy — & I’m Not Upset

It generally takes seeing a product a number of times on Instagram before your brain registers that it’s become a “thing.” But once it’s happened, you’ll likely start noticing the product even more. That’s because where there’s cool packaging, an amazing formula, and a few key endorsements, that product is about to blow up your feed, and after multiple sightings, you’re likely going to consider buying it.
According to research from Instagram, 130 million users tap on shopping posts to check out products every month, so yeah, it’s a lot potential purchases. What’s more? The platform found that 70% of “shopping enthusiasts” turn to Instagram to discover new products.
So, how do you cut through the clutter to find only the best Instagram has to offer? Use our guide to find the tried and tested products taking over your feed that are actually worthy of your attention — and your cash. Scroll through now, and double tap later.

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