Can You Learn A Language In 5 Days?

appearance by Lucie Fink.
As a college graduate who has officially stopped "learning" in a school-like setting, I can say with certainty that I miss school. Of course, I'm learning new skills at work, but nothing flexes your brain muscle quite like studying a new subject.
For me, there was a certain sense of confidence that came along with being a student; something about utilizing my brainpower all day enhanced my writing skills, my reading comprehension, and my overall ability to communicate with those around me. I wanted to remember that feeling again, so I spent the past five days learning Spanish.
Although I took a couple of Spanish classes in high school, most of my knowledge went right out the window after studying Italian in college. This week, I hit the books, took notes, quizzed myself, and brought my newfound skills out into the world.
Follow me on my incredible journey as I remember what it feels like to be a student! Come on, vámonos!

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