Here's How To Live A More Creative Life

I am one of those people who is constantly brainstorming. I come up with new ideas in the shower, on the subway, in my sleep... you name it. But every so often, I hit a road block, and it feels as if I've run out of ideas. And as a full-time video producer, for me, there's nothing worse than feeling creatively stuck.
So this week, I was lucky enough to get tips on how to be more inventive, imaginative, and original — even during the worst creative slumps — from the most colourful woman I know: Piera Gelardi, the executive creative director and co-founder of Refinery29. She's one of the brains behind Refinery29's creative vision (including the interactive art and fashion funhouse 29Rooms), and she has one of the most inspiring, eye-popping Instagram accounts out there. And she very generously agreed to be my guide in my quest to tap into my creativity.
In this episode of Try Living with Lucie, Piera appears in my bathroom mirror, on my shoulder, on my cell phone, and even in my dream. Watch as she dishes out some incredibly helpful tips on how to live a more creative life.

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