How 500 Canadian Women Feel About Motherhood & Social Media

There are 9.8 million moms in Canada, with just under half (4.1 million) with children 18 years of age or younger at home. Motherhood, is of course, different for each and every one of these millions and yet, there are common threads — the emotional whiplash of the sudden responsibility for another human, the joys, the isolation, the changes to your body.  
Social media has especially changed how we mother. It’s made it easier than ever to find out “is that funny noise my baby is making normal?” but Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have also made us feel increasingly lacking about our parenting — and ourselves. In a Refinery29 survey of 500 Canadian women about motherhood and social media, 82% said they compare themselves to other moms online, and 69% said they have insecurities about motherhood that stem from social media. That needs to stop, like, yesterday.
How do we have more empathy for ourselves and other moms? The most important thing is to talk about the ups and downs of parenthood openly and compassionately. (So, let us know how you’re feeling in the comments below.) We hope the conversation this survey generates is a start. And remember, you’re doing just fine. We promise.

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