DJ Gina Turner Wants To Take You On A Mind, Body & Soul Journey

DJ Gina Turner
is native New Yorker with an extensive background in audio production and broadcasting. She's caught the attention of other well-known DJs, such as Chromeo, Switch, Diplo, and DJ AM. Now, she is a sought-after touring DJ with radio shows on iHeartRadio, Underground FG, and SiriusXM's BPM. On top of all that, she's an incredibly attentive mom and credits DJing as the best job for a working mother. She spins while her daughter is sleeping and still gets to wake up and feed her breakfast. Even though she is always on the go, Turner uses yoga and meditation to ground herself when working. As her music career has taken off, she has found ways to incorporate house music into her practice — she's also a certified yoga instructor. In this episode of Sound Off, Turner shows us how she keeps her energy up while constantly working!

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