5 Canadian Brands Making Truly Great Green Beauty Products

Whether you’re strolling or scrolling, a visit to a major beauty retailer makes the message clear: green beauty is growing. In 2017, North Americans led global sales within the natural and organic personal care product market and you can easily shop local(ish) because there’s no shortage of worthy Canadian brands.
“Canadian lines have come so far, are really embracing all of the changes in the market, and are bringing their own fresh perspectives to their formulas and packaging,” says Sheri Stroh, a makeup artist with Plutino Group in Toronto, who incorporates natural skin care products into her personal routine and professional kit. Having become a sought-after green beauty expert, Stroh’s love for homegrown natural brands has swelled over the past decade (FitGlow Beauty, Graydon Skincare, Elate Cosmetics, Sappho New Paradigm Cosmetics, and Veriphy Skincare are her faves, for starters).
Stroh has recently observed a welcome evolution in the movement that includes a less rigid mindset about ingredients, which should positively affect future formulations, sustainability, and accessibility issues. The pressure originally created by clean brands to be stringent about avoiding “toxic” ingredients, along with the broad use of the phrase, has lessened. “There has been a backlash against the fear-mongering associated with clean beauty and people are getting sick of the perfectionism that is connected with being 'clean.' It's causing a stir in the industry, and if I'm being honest, it's a change that needs to happen,” she says.
To make a switch in your own routine, look to these top Canadian natural brands. From eco-conscious packaging to sustainable ingredient sourcing, each one takes a unique stance on green beauty.

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