Burt’s Bees Is Launching 6 New Products, & We're Here For It

With the rise of the "clean" beauty movement came the long — emphasis on long — overdue epiphany from beauty-lovers that, hey, maybe we shouldn't be slathering ingredients on our faces that we can't pronounce. Since then, we've slowly but surely said no, thanks to petrolatum, parabens, and other mad-scientist-sounding ingredients in favor of ingredients you might find at an open-air juice bar in Tulum. And while, in 2019, the natural beauty aisles seem never-ending (in the best way possible), a decade ago, the process of "cleaning up" your routine was easier said than done — unless, of course, you were savvy in the handful of brands that were doing natural beauty long before it was in vogue.
One of our favourite said natural beauty pioneers? Burt's Bees — a brand that was actually founded by a beekeeper (!) with some major vision in 1984. Over the years, the brand has created more than 150 personal-care products that are all sustainably sourced, never tested on animals, and formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, and SLS. Now, to our excitement, the brand is expanding its makeup range. Joining the ranks alongside favourites like its lash-lengthening Nourishing Mascara, which has amassed a cult-like following, are six brand-spankin'-new products — from a buildable concealer to gorgeous, multipurpose pigment sticks. Read on for why they deserve a coveted spot on your vanity.