Fall In Love With These Summer Romances All Over Again

Let’s face it: 2020 has been rough. That’s why we’re looking to find moments of joy and pleasure this summer with our new series, Summer’s Not Cancelled.
Summer lovin' can typically be broken down into two categories: that Grease-like seasonal fling that’s only supposed to last until school’s back but turns into some soulmate shit. Or the kind of hookup that’s a little more sex and a little less romance (let’s be real, no one remembers the chaste parts of Blue Lagoon). Either way, summer is all about sweaty bodies in humid air thick with hormones.
At least it used to be. Now, we’re all longing for the days when heat waves were about balmy makeouts, not clammy masks and sheltering in place. In our new reality, every movie about summer is romantic because it’s a capsule of a simpler time — but the ones that are actually about two people falling in love? They’re on a whole different level now. 
A great summer romance movie isn’t always a great cinematic achievement; sometimes they are just fun and flirty or mindless and mesmerizing. And sometimes, they are all of the above. Here are 10 summer romances to stream now to get you hot, bothered, and swooning through your face mask before the season is up.

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