How To Have Steamy Sex In Your Bathtub

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There's a good chance you've heard about shower sex (I mean, there was that whole awkward scene between Veronica and Archie in Riverdale) and have maybe even tried it yourself. But have you ever tried having sex in the bathtub?
Sure, sexy bubble baths are a common fantasy. But when it comes down to the logistics of actually getting it on in that confined space, it's easy to get scared off and default back to your bed. Don't let worries of slipping, sliding, and getting bath water all over the floor keep you from a sexy new experience, though. Bathtub sex is 100% possible, says Jill McDevitt, PhD, sexologist and author of Sex Positions for Every Body. It's also fun and sensual.
What's more, Dr. McDevitt says that bathtub sex is actually less dangerous than shower sex because sitting or lying in the tub means way fewer opportunities to slip and fall. So consider your worries squashed.
If you're still unsure about how to make bathtub sex happen, though, Dr. McDevitt and fellow sexologist Sadie Allison, PhD, founder of and author Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking are here to help. Ahead, they've dished on everything you need to know, from how much water to use to what positions are sure to fog up your bathroom mirror.
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The reverse cowgirl is a great position to get some leverage while you're laying in the tub, Dr. Allison says.

Here's how it works: The partner who has a penis or a strap-0n lies face up in the tub while the partner who is being penetrated rides them, turned around, facing their feet. The partner on top uses the sides of bathtub to hold stable with their back arched and butt held up, while the partner on bottom thrusts. (It should look something like this, except in a bathtub.)

Just remember that if you're using sex toys, choose something that's not made of silicone or else the silicone lube you're using to keep things wet will start to break down your toy. No one wants that.
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Use plenty of silicone-based lube.

"You must, must, must, must, must be using a silicone-based lubricant," Dr. McDevitt says. (Her five "musts" mean business.) It's a strange Catch-22 that having sex while your bits are immersed in water doesn't actually make things wetter. Instead, it washes away your natural lubricant, which means you're in for some seriously dry and uncomfortable sex unless you're using a silicone-based lube.

Dr. McDevitt recommends Pjur Bodyglide, which doesn't break down in water, "so it lets bodies glide across each other much more sensually," she says. "It's a game-changer."

Just remember to be careful when you're finished and climbing out of the tub — silicone-based lube can leave a slippery residue.
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Take advantage of the entire tub.

Just because this is bathtub sex, doesn't mean you have to be confined to the the actual tub. Instead, make use of every surface. That includes the sides of the tub, which Dr. Allison says are perfect for oral sex. Have one partner sit on the side of the tub with their legs spread while the other partner sits inside and goes down on the first partner. This works no matter what anatomy you and your partner have. But don’t forget to take turns, Dr. Allison says.
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Don't be afraid to make things hot.

When you're sticking two people in a one-person bathtub and then planning to get your body temp up through sexy activities, it probably seems like a good idea to make your water temperature a little more on the tepid side. But, Dr. Allison says, you should actually fill the tub with hot water (as long as it's a comfortable temperature for everyone involved). "The warm water will support more blood flow to your genitals," she says. "Plus, it may cool sooner than you're ready to stop having sex, so starting hotter will help that to last longer."
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Watch your water level.

When having sex in a bathtub, as opposed to a shower, you actually do have to keep your eye on the water level. This is not the time to fill up the tub as high as possible so you can sink down into the water and relax. Sex means movement and movement means water going in all kinds of directions. So, instead, keep the water level purposely lower than you would for a regular bath, Dr. Allison says. That way, you'll avoid too much splashing and unnecessary clean up.
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The classic version of the cowgirl also works wonderfully in a tub, Dr. McDevitt says, because it's safe, secure, and fun.

This one starts the same way, with the partner who has a penis or a strap-on lying on their back in the tub. Except now, the person on top straddles their partner face-to face. McDevitt says to make sure your knees are squeezed between your partner's sides and the tub walls. "The knee position is important to secure first before attempting penetration because if the angling with the knees isn't right, it will be very difficult to have leverage for thrusting later," she says. (It looks like this.)
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