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Here’s Where Canadians Can Watch Scenes From A Marriage

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Photo: courtesy of HBO.
The Show: Scenes From a Marriage
The Plot: What's more fun than arguing with your partner (other than everything)? Watching Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain face off on-screen. Scenes From a Marriage is a five-episode limited series that follows couple Mira (Chastain) and Jonathan (Isaac) as they discuss, explore, and grieve over the state of their marriage. The drama is being billed as a “radically honest series that allows the audience to eavesdrop on private conversations between two people torn between feelings of hate and love,” which sounds like a good time for anyone not actually in said relationship. Our interest is high-key piqued.
The Buzz: The series is already generating major critical buzz ahead of its release, with people excited to see Isaac and Chastain reunite on-screen (the pair co-starred in A Most Violent Year). And if the trailer is anything to go off of, it’s sure to be visually STUNNING. Seriously, Marriage Story is shaking.
The Double Feature: This is for anyone and everyone who were fans of 2010’s Blue Valentine (the OG marriage-falling-apart story), and gravely disappointed by the aforementioned Marriage Story. Also anyone who’s looking forward to completely falling apart with the release of Kacey Musgrave’s September 10 divorce album. 
Where To Watch: Scenes From a Marriage premieres weekly on Crave, starting September 12. We’ve never been so excited to have our hearts absolutely shattered. 

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