You Have 10 New Netflix Canada Treats To Watch This Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
We need to talk about reboots. This week we, people of the internet, lost our collective mind when we got the first glimpse of HBO Max’s Sex and the City revival. The teaser wasn’t revelatory: We didn’t see any characters’ faces and didn’t get to hear the iconic theme song. However, we finally got a concrete confirmation that at some point in the future, Carrie Bradshaw and co. will be returning to our screens. This reboot, or revisit, as Sarah Jessica Parker has put it, comes 17 years after the series wrapped and 11 years after the racist disaster that was SATC 2. And with so much time having passed, I couldn’t help but wonder, are we setting ourselves up for disappointment? 
Despite the nostalgia factor, revived shows can often fall short of the standards set by the original. Sometimes the concept becomes outdated, and other times the characters haven’t evolved at the same pace as the world around them. That isn’t to say that it’s impossible to create a good reboot. After almost 30 years off-screen, Twin Peaks (starring SATC alum Kyle MacLachlan) returned in 2017 to critical acclaim. And on current Netflix offerings, like Cobra Kai and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we’re reintroduced to characters we love without missing a beat. 
While we wait for the Sex and the City reboot, we’ve compiled the best new, new-ish, and just plain good things to watch on Netflix Canada this weekend.

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