Every Song From The Lovebirds Soundtrack Is A Song You Need In Your Life

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The Lovebirds is a gift that Insecure and Silicon Valley fans and action-comedy lovers will surely love. It was supposed to be released in cinemas, but thankfully Netflix scooped up the theater-less Lovebirds. The streaming platform’s latest release brings Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani together as an onscreen couple (that you never knew you needed until now) and adds a funny, high-stakes twist and a killer soundtrack.

Jibran and Leilani, who have been dating for four years, are headed to a friend’s house for a dinner party before he accidentally hits a cyclist with his car. The couple’s next 24 hours is filled with murder, fights, and a very intimidating horse. You’ll question their hilariously awful decisions and root for their relationship during their crazy journey.
The Lovebirds soundtrack has plenty of romantic jams and pump up anthems to accompany this normal couple (and the audience) on their dangerous adventure. A standout track is Katy Perry’s earworm “Firework” which is so catchy it demands a sing-a-long from Jibran and Leilani in the midst of all their chaos. (Seriously, who can resist belting this song whenever it comes on?)
This soundtrack is just as unexpected as the plot of The Lovebirds. Click through to see which of your favourite songs pop up in the film and find some new tracks to add to your playlist. 

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