Julianne Hough Just Dyed Her Hair Ombré Pink — & It Looks So Good

As if we needed further proof that pastel pink colour is the quarantine hair trend in Hollywood, Julianne Hough just confirmed it.
The multi-hyphenate — actress, dancer, and KINRGY founder — posted a selfie on Instagram with new, ombré rose gold colour. While fans stan Hough's mainstay blonde lob, this unexpected pink dye job proves stunning. So much so, one look at the star's blush-tinted hair — and the way it makes her blue eyes pop — would push any blonde (natural or foil-lifted) to finally try quarantine pink.
For Hough, it's new hair, new attitude. "Fairy Kitten vibes today," the actress captioned her post. While it isn't Hough's first time going pink, the dip-dye effect is a departure from other looks she's tried.
Hough makes no mention of the exact dye she used to get the subtle pink effect on her dirty-blonde base (neither in her Instagram post or Stories), so only time will tell whether it's a semi-permanent change or a temporary one-day look.
If it's the former, she likely selected the hue to beautifully cover her grown-out blonde highlights until salons open again in Los Angeles, but if it's the latter, she could have used a spray-on colour focused on just the mid-lengths and ends. Want to give it a go? Wash-out dye is the ideal way to test drive pink hair before you take the plunge with a more permanent option, but either way, there's never been a better time to go pink.

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