Too Hot To Handle‘s Rhonda Paul Clears Up A Big Rumour Ahead Of The Reunion

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Today's the day: It's the reunion special for Netflix's Too Hot To Handle, the hit dating show where attractive singles are lured to an island paradise only to discover that celibacy is the only way to win a cash prize. Fans of the show are already anticipating all the secrets that will surely be revealed, but there is one trending question that we decided to get ahead of: Why did Rhonda Paul wear makeup to bed?
One scroll through Twitter discussions about the show and it's easy to see how curious fans are about Paul appearing to break the cardinal beauty rule. "Rhonda going to sleep in a full face of makeup stresses me out," wrote one user. "Rhonda sleeping with her makeup on deeply upsets me," posted another. To find out, we checked in with Paul.
So did she or didn't she? Turns out, it's as complicated as the show's premise — and her beauty advice is just as controversial.
"There were times when I'd leave my false eyelashes on because I used heavy-duty glue, so I wasn't going to rip them off for no reason," she told Refinery29 in an exclusive interview. "I could sleep peacefully and keep the lashes on." She also applied Carmex Lip Balm every night, which she says could have looked like lip gloss, further fueling speculation.
You might be wondering what kind of "heavy-duty glue" kept her lashes on through sun, surf, and sleep. She revealed to us that she uses hair bonding glue, designed for wigs and hair pieces, to apply her lashes instead of eyelash glue. (Disclaimer: Before we go any further, please note that we do not recommend using any product on the eyes that hasn't been cleared by the FDA or you could risk serious eye injury.)

She's aware that this is novel advice, so she hopes to launch her own lash glue, along with a line of false eyelashes, to fill what she believes is a hole in the marketplace. Her dream line, she says, would be inspired by her beauty hacks, which include doubling up on lash strips for an extra-voluminous look.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Rhonda Paul u0026 Sharron Townsend on set for Too Hot To Handle.
When it comes to the rest of her routine, there's more unexpected advice. "I use cleansing makeup wipes every night or I'll just get a warm rag with soap," she says. "[Then I'll] wipe my face with a little bit of alcohol to dry out the pores, but not dry out my face too much. I have to work around my eyelashes." (Disclaimer: We do not recommend using rubbing alcohol on your face unless expressly recommended by your physician.)

For makeup, she relied upon Maybelline's Fit Me Matte + Poreless Pressed Face Powder to fight shine. "That matte powder works well for me and my skin," she says. "Especially when it's really sunny outside." Last but not least, she trusted göt2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray "It kept my hair in place when we had to do a lot filming in the sun," she says.
Now that the show's wrapped, Paul is looking forward to launching her eyelash business and is also getting ready to start a YouTube channel with beauty tutorials. As for what happened between her and co-star Sharron Townsend after the show, you'll have to wait for the reunion show with everybody else.
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