Bruce Willis Just Gave His Daughter A Buzzcut In Quarantine — & It’s Stunning

Photo: NEIL RASMUS/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images.
In an unconventional quarantine arrangement, actor Bruce Willis is currently in group isolation with his ex-wife, Demi Moore, and their three children, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. The situation was confirmed just yesterday on Instagram, when the former couple's youngest daughter, 26-year-old Tallulah, posted a candid shot of the family — with Demi and Bruce front and centre and flanked by Scout and Tallulah's boyfriend Dillon Buss.
Now, the family is giving at-home followers even more surprise entertainment with Tallulah's behind-the-scenes clip of the crew's latest isolation activity: a DIY haircut involving her hair, Bruce, and an electric razor.
Earlier today, Tallulah posted an editorial-like headshot (crediting sister Rumer as the creative director) debuting a freshly-shaved buzzcut, which is both striking and incredibly gorgeous on the young actress.
In a follow-up video she also shared to Instagram, Tallulah confirms that her hairdresser was her dad, who did a surprisingly stellar job wielding the clippers. The 10-second snippet shows Bruce buzzing Talluah's hair, with the camerawoman (likely sister Rumer, who acted as his assistant, according to her own Instagram Story) delivering words of encouragement in the background: "God, you look so gorgeous — you look look like Joan of Arc, dude."
Of course, longtime followers of the Willis-Moore family may recall that Tallulah has actually had a buzzcut in the past. Back in 2015, the actress debuted a shaved head that paid homage to her mom's iconic G.I. Jane look. Though considering their current quarantine situation, this buzzcut 2.0 — inspired by mom, cut by dad, and styled by sister — is way more symbolic.

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