One Directioners Are Coming For Billie Eilish For Liking A Meme — Is It All A Misunderstanding?

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
According to Louis Tomlinson fans, Billie Eilish lived up to her “bad guy” title Saturday night when she liked a meme that appeared to bash Tomlinson in favour of his ex-bandmate Zayn Malik. The meme account has since deleted the post, but Twitter is still divided.
The meme compared side-by-side stills of Malik and Tomlinson from One Direction’s 2014 music video for “You and I.” In the video, Malik walks down a boardwalk, turns his head, and is replaced by Tomlinson, clad in the same gray sweater. “When you move and the Snapchat filter comes off,” a Twitter user captioned the photo. 
The tweet was reshared by a meme account on Instagram, and after Eilish liked the post, fans on Twitter took action. Both “#BillieEilishIsOverParty” and “#WeLoveLouis” began trending, with many critics accusing Eilish of insulting Tomlinson’s appearance.
“So the girl who always says that she gets bullied because of her body liked a HATE post of our angel?” one fan wrote. Others suggested that, as a public figure, she should have not only refrained from engaging with the post but reported it.
Other fans of Tomlinson, Malik, and Eilish alike are laughing at how quickly a simple like escalated.
But is it possible that Eilish wasn’t even calling Tomlinson ugly in the first place? Some speculated that she was actually defending him. After all, the caption of the Instagram post, which has been deleted with the photo’s circulation, read, “yall didn’t have to do louis like that.”
The world may never know Eilish’s true thoughts on the best-looking members of One Direction, but she probably didn’t have any ulterior motives behind her double-tap. Just like everyone stirring up drama on Twitter, Eilish is probably stuck inside and feeling “bored.”
One person on Twitter, though, was excited by Eilish’s like. After the hashtags went viral, the user who made the initial joke logged back on to write, “not many of you can say you made billie laugh.” 
That’s definitely a new quarantine goal — but after the events of this morning, Eilish might never like a meme again.

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