Oh My God, North West Has A Secret TikTok

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
By now, it’s established social etiquette that people who are already famous are not supposed to be on TikTok. However, celebrities’ kids should feel free to renegade with the best of them, and apparently 6-year-old North West is doing just that. Ahead of the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party, Kim Kardashian West was asked about the wildly popular social media video app, and says that yes, a North West TikTok account exists. However, we won’t be seeing it any time soon. 
"North has a private TikTok account, so we do lots of TikToks together, and she puts them in drafts," she explained to Entertainment Tonight. "She's not allowed to post them, but we have a lot of TikToks."
As for Kardashian West, she also hinted that she might join the platform, which would make her the first Kardashian-Jenner to do so. Previously, people thought Kendall Jenner had joined the app. She had a verified profile and everything, but the whole thing turned out to be fake.
If North were to post TikTok videos, we already have an idea of what they’d be about. Last week, she crashed her parents’ Architectural Digest interview and revealed what a day in the life of North West is usually like. When asked what she likes to do at their house in the video interview, she said everything from dance competitions in their hallways to  playing piano to finding "huuuuuuuge crystals." Any of those things would fit right in on the app — but if North starts hitting the woah, then we'll know things have gone too far.

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