Instagram Just Made It Easier To Delete All Those Accounts You Forgot That You Follow

Ever browse your following list on Instagram, only to find that you follow 15 more meme accounts than you realized and approximately six of your aunts who forgot their respective account passwords, and, as a result, haven't posted to Instagram in years? Ever wanted to purge said following list a bit? Well, now Instagram is making that easier to do with new ways of categorizing followers. Here's how it works.
On your profile, click on Following, where you'll now see Most Shown in Feed and Least Interacted With categories. From here, you can view which accounts you've interacted with least (as far as liking their posts and reacting to their Stories) over the last 90 days — and, welp, give them the axe if you no longer wish to follow them (or if you're looking to even out your follower to following ratio a bit more.)
You can also sort your followed accounts in order of most recently followed to your earliest follows, or vice versa — so if you're looking to trim the fat on your earliest follows, you can easily do so with this new way of sorting by just clicking on the three dots next to each account to Mute or by clicking Following to unfollow.
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