Jules Is Leveling Up In Season 2 Of Euphoria, & So Is Her Fashion

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
We hate to disappoint you, but it might not be all pastel eyeshadow and technicolour tops for Jules come season 2 of Euphoria
Yesterday, HBO released a sizzle reel of the shows coming out in 2020. Westworld, Insecure, and Succession all made the cut, along with a new limited series called I Know This Much Is True based on the 1998 novel by Wally Lamb. But despite all the other prestige shows coming back, it’s Euphoria that really has us jonesing for the new year’s imminent arrival.
Last August, the show’s first season left America shocked and awed by Zendaya’s character, Rue, and her heartbreaking relapse (among other things). Desperate for the scoop about what’s coming in the next season, we caught up with the brains behind Euphoria’s fashion — costume designer Heidi Bivens.
Don’t expect anyone from Euphoria to begin the new season unscathed. Rue just relapsed, Maddy’s seen the tape, and there’s no way that Fez’s robbery-gone-wrong could result in a positive outcome. But of all the emotional twists and turns last season, Jules leaving Rue behind on the train platform had to be the most painful of them all. “It’s easier to imagine the direction that Jules will be going in compared to the other characters,” Bivens says. “There’s that last scene at the formal with the girls around the table talking about the high school experience — Jules just isn’t having it. She’s ready to get out and move on.”
Knowing Jules, though, her experiences might not always be positive ones — but through the good and the bad, her wardrobe will always reflect her emotions. When asked if her style will change in season two, Biven immediately says yes. “I think Jules is a character who’s constantly growing, expanding, and ‘leveling up’ as she says. So I can’t imagine that she’ll stand still. She’s going to keep moving and keep evolving — both in life and in her style.” 
As for what those changes might look like in terms of clothing, expect to see a darker, more urban look for Jules going forward. “She’s just had this experience with Anna in LA and is inspired by her and their experiences together,” Bevins says. We’ve only gotten a glimpse of City Jules, with most of her scenes taking place in a suburban area that suffocates her. Now that she is setting her sights on the city, her style will follow suit with a more freeing and daring aesthetic. 
And if that’s not enough to get you ready for season two, the long-awaited return will also include some more of Hunter Schaefer’s original artwork. For the finale, Jules wore a sheer trench coat decorated with the transgender symbol across the back — a design that Schaefer, a member of the trans community, painted on the jacket herself. “She’s a very talented artist,” Bivens explains. “There were some vintage jeans that we found that already had artwork drawn on them, which gave us the idea to create more pieces in collaboration with her. But we never got the chance to include them in season one.” When asked about bringing her into the design room for season two, though, Bivens is all in. “I’d love to have her more involved. She always comes up with good ideas and it lends itself to a real feeling of authenticity.”

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