Felicity Jones Is Expecting Her First Child

Photo: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images.
Us Weekly confirmed suspicions that Felicity Jones is expecting her first child after she appeared to be in the early stages of pregnancy on The Aeronauts red carpet. Jones and husband Charles Guard, a British film director, wed last summer after dating since around 2015.
While the actress keeps her personal life private, she did reveal that she met the 43-year-old director in an elevator.
"I would keep bumping into him at the Sunset Tower Hotel,” she told Net-A-Porter's PORTER in December 2018. “I’d go away and come back two weeks later and he’d still be there. Eventually, we got chatting.”
She also previously told The Telegraph in December 2014 that she's a "romantic," according to The Hollywood Reporter.
While the actress hasn't spoken specifically about raising a family, she did give PORTER a sense of her values based on her own upbringing.
"My mother put a huge emphasis on economic independence, because she knew when you have that, you have freedom, so that has always been a huge thing for me,” she explained. “I feel as though it’s implicit with bringing up sons and hopefully, for the next generation, it will be with daughters, too.”
A representative for Jones did not immediately respond to Refinery29's request for comment, so details about her due date are still unknown. We do know, however, that her child will be a Star Wars fan, since Jones played Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and reprised the role for the television series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. I don't know if I can say the same about Guard's 2009 horror film, The Uninvited, but to each baby their own.

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