No, Kylie Jenner Isn’t Suing People Over “Rise & Shine”

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.
While Kylie Jenner immediately capitalized on her viral "rise and shine" moment with merch and a makeup collection, she insists it's still all in good fun. As in, she would never sue people over the silly song she sang to daughter Stormi in her office tour YouTube video. After the Australian newspaper, The Gold Coast Bulletin, reported that a small business owner had received a cease and desist letter from Jenner regarding a "rise and shine" shirt they carry, Jenner hopped on both Twitter and Instagram to deny ever sending such a letter. The business itself, Cased Clothing, also wrote a post denying ever receiving any legal documents from the reality star.
"Lies lies lies. Never did this. Wow," Jenner first replied to a viral tweet about the rumour, later adding:
Cased Clothing, who had to shut down their website in the thick of the rumours, also put out a statement.
"You may have seen CASED on the news regarding Kylie Jenner & the rise and shine slogan," the company posted on Facebook on November 1. "We are in no way cooperating in this drama and will be closing the website down until this all blows over. We currently do not and have never had a problem with Kylie Jenner. We are unsure where this all started and we do not want to be involved. CASED clothing owners have declined interviews as this is news we do not wish to be apart of."
The only official "Rise and Shine" business Jenner is on board with is that collab with Ariana Grande — which, by the way, we're still waiting for...
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