For Ashley Graham & Her Husband Justin Ervin, Prayer Is Foreplay

Photo: Tony Barson/FilmMagic.
There’s a wide variation in what turns people on, but we’re still pretty surprised by Ashley Graham’s answer. In a recent appearance on A Little Late with Lilly Singh, the supermodel shared that praying makes her “horny.”
“[My husband Justin Ervin] and I have prayer nights together, because I like to do meditations and prayer and so does he on his own — but then when we do it together, it just feels more powerful,” Graham said. “And in that power when we’re praying, it’s like, ‘Oh … do you feel that?'”
Graham said that when the lights go down, the worship music goes up, “And we’re like: ‘Hello!' And next thing you know — after we pray, because we have priorities — we rip it off. It’s a great bonding experience for both the spiritual aspect and the physical aspect.”
Graham previously opened up about both her prayer life and her sex life in an interview with Elle in February. 
“When you fast and you pray, it’s bringing more sensitivity to hear from God,” she said. “That’s exactly what we wanted; we were like, ‘Okay, we want more sensitivity to be able to hear from God in the big decisions that we’re making.’ We do it together because there’s a verse in the Bible that says, ‘Where two or more are gathered, He is in the midst.’ So as we do it together, it just makes it even stronger.”
When asked how she and Ervin continue to keep the spark alive (they’ve been married for eight years), Graham answered: Just have sex! “Have sex all the time. Even if you don’t feel like it, just have sex,” she told Elle. “I have found that if we haven’t had sex, we get snippy, and then if we are having sex, we’re all over each other. For us it’s like, ‘Oh, let’s have sex.’ And then we’re just right back in a great mood.”
It’s clear that prayer and sex are both an important part of Graham’s and Ervin’s marriage — whether they’re done separately or together.

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