25 Incredible Costume Ideas For People With Disabilities

Photo: Getty Images.
We're lucky if our Halloween costumes show off our sense humour or our creativity. A costume that ticks both of those boxes is truly one for the books.
That's why we have to give it up for those with disabilities who take to Instagram to flaunt their costume creations. From building a DeLorean around their wheelchair to turning a prosthetic limb into a fake machine gun, these Instagrammers have us seriously impressed. Whether they're preparing for Halloween or Comic Con, these costumed characters prove that a mobility aid can actually be a point of inspiration for elaborate and inspiring getups.
Ahead, we've rounded up some of the coolest cosplays and most creative DIY costumes for people in wheelchairs, with prosthetic limbs, and more. Read on for some adapted Halloween inspo.

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