How To Live Your Best Life, Aka Dress As Hustlers‘ Ramona For Halloween

Photo: courtesy of STX Films.
One of the most talked about movies of the year is Hustlers, based on the true story of four strippers-turned-scammers. And one of the most talked about characters from the movie is Ramona, the leader of the pack played by Jennifer Lopez. (Some people even think Lopez deserves an Oscar for the role.) So, given all that hype, dressing up in a Ramona from Hustlers Halloween costume could be a good way to go in 2019.
A Ramona costume checks all three boxes a pop culture obsessive needs for their Halloween look: She's recognizable. She’s current. Her outfits are surprisingly easy to recreate.
Ramona also wears a ton of outfits in Hustlers. Not only does the movie span several years, but she needs stripping outfits, scamming outfits, and daytime outfits — all with a distinct flair. So, there are a few ways to go here. Click through the slideshow to find out how you can recreate Ramona’s fur coat look, her pole-dancing-to-Fiona Apple getup, her casually-getting-arrested outfit, and a bodycon dress scamming ensemble. 
By the way, feel free to pair any of the costumes with a huge handbag covered in logos. It’s what Ramona would want.

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