Busy Phillips Shows Off A New Tattoo That Is Loaded With Meaning

Photo: Emily Assiran/Getty Images/Bustle.
Busy Philipps has been bitten by the tattoo bug and her latest piece, like all her other tattoos, is beautiful and full of meaning.
Philipps debuted her new ink, a colourful hummingbird on her forearm, on Instagram over the weekend. Thanking the tattoo artist Bryan from Bang Bang NYC, Philipps wrote, “She’s perfect and beautiful and so full of colour and depth and life, just like our real life Bird.” Now, each of her daughters have a tattoo dedicated to them on their mother’s arm. Philipps honoured her younger daughter, Cricket, by getting — you guessed it — a cricket tattoo, and now her eldest daughter, Birdie, with a hummingbird. The tattoo parlor has become famous for inking just about every celebrity you can think of, including Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Miley Cyrus. 
Each of Philipps’ tattoos seems to hold a special meaning to her. One for each of her daughters, another on her foot, an illustration from her book This Will Only Hurt A Little (which takes on a whole new meaning when you add the tattoo into the mix), as well as cursive on her left arm which reads, “Aced out in her nudes,” another reference to her autobiography.
At the time of her first tattoo last July, Philipps joked that she would be adding a lot more to her collection. “You know what’s going to happen now. Full sleeves. Neck, sleeve, sleeve, sleeve,” she joked on her Instagram story adding that she and her friend were going to start having “Tattoo Tuesdays” together. 
She may, even only as a joke, have time for Tattoo Tuesdays, but she has no time for people shaming her for being a mom who has tattoos. After getting her second tattoo commemorating her autobiography, an illustration from the book with the caption “Fuck em” scrawled underneath in cursive, someone commented on Instagram asking, “I'm not judging. Honestly curious bc I wish I was as brave as you to get a tattoo like that - but what do you tell the kids???” Philipps responded in kind with the ethos of her new tattoo. “I tell them that these are words to live by. Especially as a woman,” she said.
If it’s a sleeve she wants, Philipps is well on her way. In the past year alone, she has gone from a first-time tattoo recipient to having four...that we know of. Who knows what she will get next. What we do know is that it will have a great backstory.

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