Your Official Guide To Joe Jonas' Dainty Tattoo Collection

Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage.
Ever since the Jonas Brothers went on their first hiatus in 2013, Joe Jonas — the goofy, albeit adorable, lead singer — has undergone a major evolution. He traded in his straightened mop for wash-and-go curls, married Sophie Turner, and added over 20 tattoos to his arms.
You didn't know the front man of the newly-reunited Jonas Brothers had that many tattoos? You're not alone. Considering just how delicate and dainty most of Joe's designs are, they're easy to overlook. His brothers may not have followed in suit, but Joe has spent the last seven years building up an impressive collection — one worth checking out.
Ahead, we hunted down Joe's most meaningful, minimal designs. Spoiler: At least three are dedicated to Turner.

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