Meghan Markle Responds To Negative Press For The First Time

PHoto: Jonathan Brady/PA Images/Getty Images.
Meghan Markle's life as a royal hasn't been entirely palatial. The highs of her marriage to Prince Harry and the birth of baby Archie have been marred by disparaging comments from her family and persistent tabloid rumours about her royal reputation. For the most part, she's risen above the chatter, but at The Lion King premiere in London, England on Sunday night, she was overheard possibly referencing the royal drama.
During their appearance at the premiere, Meghan and Harry met stars like Beyoncé (who notably accepted her Brit Award in front of a painting of the royal) as well as producer and musician Pharrell Williams, who praised their marriage in a video taken by ITV.
“So happy for your union,” Williams told the pair. “Love is amazing. It’s wonderful. Don’t ever take that for granted, but what it means in today’s climate, I just wanted to tell you, it’s so significant for so many of us. Seriously. It’s significant. We cheer you guys on.”
“Thank you,” Meghan replied. “They don’t make it easy.”
We don't know specifically who the "they" is that Meghan is referring to, but in terms of her marriage not being easily, it's almost undeniable that the rumours and speculation are to blame. Luckily, however, their happy relationship often speaks for itself — we all remember that adorable video of Harry taken after Archie's birth.
Markle also apparently referred to The Lion King premiere as a "date night" for her and Harry. Although, I'll be honest: I think baby Archie would have appreciated it the most. Who knows, though. Maybe he's at home right now watching Beyoncé's new "Spirit" music video before he and Blue Ivy take their own trip to see the movie.

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