Ivanka Trump Closed Her Fashion Brands, But She Earned Millions From Her Father's D.C. Hotel

Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo.
Ivanka Trump might not be running her own fashion brands anymore, but the first daughter’s income in 2018 was still well in the millions.
While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact amount in Trump’s bank account, she and her husband, Jared Kushner, raked in between $28.8 million USD and about $135 million USD in 2018, according to Forbes. Trump and Kushner’s latest financial disclosure forms show most of the revenue came from the couple’s investment portfolios.
Trump’s revenue from the Ivanka M. Trump Business Trust, which holds her fashion and brand companies, is down from at least $5 million USD in 2017 to at least $1 million USD in 2018. She did not disclose the total value of the trust last year, but in 2017 — before shuttering her fashion businesses — Trump said it was worth more than $50 million USD.
Trump, who holds a 7.5% stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., also listed nearly $4 million USD in revenue from her father’s hotel. However, that number may be an overestimation if Trump did not account for hotel expenses on her part, according to Forbes.
Her close family relationship continued to pay off in dividends, as Trump reaped another $1.5 million USD from deals with businesses tied to the Trump Organization.
Trump’s income may technically be down from previous years, but Kushner’s business is booming. His family’s real estate empire made between $12 million and $74 million USD last year, most of it in rent, royalties, and capital gains. He also reported a $1.5 million USD check from Westminster Management, which operates about 20,000 apartments owned by the Kushners.
The millionaire couple’s other investments, cash accounts, and real estate holdings generated an additional $9 million to $49 million USD last year, per Forbes.

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