15 Minutes With A Tipsy Lizzo & Busy Philipps Is Late Night Perfection

Photo: Courtesy of E! Entertainment.
I've been in the market for a new celebrity friendship to covet, and thankfully Busy Philipps and Lizzo hung out and gave me exactly what I needed. The two stars, known for being real, are a late night show match made in heaven — if heaven is in fact filled with juice boxes filled with tequila.
Celebrating the release of her first full album, 'Cuz I Love You, Lizzo (born Melissa Viviane Jefferson) stopped by E!'s Busy Tonight to talk about her music collaborations, her dream team (Adele), and trying to get a date with John Mayer.
But while a few key moments from the duo's conversation together made it to the actual half-hour episode, producers had to leave a lot of the juiciest bits (Lizzo pun intended) on the cutting room floor. Luckily, they sent the raw, unfiltered footage of the full interview — and I mean raw and unfiltered footage — Refinery29's way.
It's actually pretty rude that I wasn't sitting in between these two women on that blue coach, sipping that too-strong drink, because they are now my best friends and role models. For 15 minutes, late night TV felt like the actual good place, but with "fucks" instead of "forks."
The main topic of conversation, other than Lizzo's new album, was the singer's dating life. Like most women, she has fooled around on dating apps before, and confirms to her host that she has been on the "celebrity dating app" a.k.a Raya.
“Did you get matched with Matt Perry?" Busy immediately asks. "Everyone gets matched with him.” “Like, Chandler from Friends?,” Lizzo responds, laughing. Yes, ladies, Philipps dropped some new hot dating app tea, but Lizzo isn't in the market to match with "fucking Chandler" from "fucking Friends." She really joined the app because she had her eyes on John Mayer — they ended up not matching (John, hello, match her) — but now I really, really need them to collaborate on a song. Please imagine "Daughters," but with Lizzo rapping over it.
Ever host, Philipps tells Lizzo that she really wants to set her up with someone. "I think you need someone who is going to be able to hold the string of your kite," Philipps tells her, adding that a "hot screenwriter" may do the trick. Lizzo asks Philipps if she is offering up her man — writer, producer and director Marc Silverstein — a question that ends with a very serious throuple proposition.
And guys, this is only half of the cut interview. There's so much delicious, weird, horny content (Trevor Noah, Lizzo is coming for you) that you will just have to watch it yourself. This is why we need more women on late night, y'all — where else are you going to get the big reveal that Lizzo's go-to pick-up line is "How big is it?"
I love them.
Busy Tonight airs Monday through Thursday at 11p ET/PT on E!

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