Busy Philipps Defends Her Controversial New Foot Tattoo

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images.
Whenever a celebrity gets a tattoo, fans go one of two ways: Either they rally behind their favourite star, or they go on Twitter and complain about it. When Busy Philipps showed off her new foot tattoo on Instagram earlier this week, the consensus from her followers was overall positive — and then the mommy-shamers came along.
After Philipps posted a photo of the new ink," a drawing of a girl skating and the phrase "fuck 'em," the comments section flooded with overwhelming praise and approval, from simple responses, like "Love!" or "Need this!" to users tagging their friends suggesting they get matching copycat designs.
Then, one commenter asked about the four-letter expletive in Philipps' tattoo — and how she would explain it to her children: "I’m not judging… honestly curious bc I wish I was as brave as you to get a tattoo like that – but… what do you tell the kids???" Another user wrote, "Hate to be a buzz kill but won’t your children want to see this? Isn’t there a more creative approach to the same sentiment? Visually it’s beautiful, but literally just adding to the unimaginative use of language."
Philipps — and Instagram sleuths @CommentsByCelebs — didn't miss a beat. The Busy Tonight host quickly responded to one with a succinct response: "I tell them that these are words to live by. Especially as a woman."
This bold statement in particular goes much deeper than the ink on Philipps' foot — the image is quite literally in her memoir, This Will Only Hurt A Little, originally illustrated by Geoff McFetridge. Philipps doesn't need approval or validation from anyone on social media to love her new tattoo... and if anyone suggests otherwise, well, the words on her right foot speak for themselves.

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