The Jonas Brothers Just Clapped Back At This Persistent Rumour About Their Wives

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Variety/Shutterstock.
The rumour mill is constantly churning. Now that the Jonas family has added two new members (yes, that would be Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner), that mill is working overtime to create drama where there apparently isn’t any at all. Case in point: persistent speculation that Chopra is feuding with Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle (they’re fine!) to Danielle Jonas, wife of Kevin Jonas, not getting along with her sisters-in-law. This is despite the three appearing in the music video for “Sucker” together. That rumour is finally burnin’ up, thanks to a clapback from Kevin.
Nick Jonas posted a photo of the Jonas clan aboard a boat in Miami last week, plastic cups and cigars in tow. They’re in full relaxation mode: almost everyone is wearing sunglasses, and Turner doesn’t appear to be wearing any pants. “Friends and rare days off on a Monday,” wrote Nick, belying a notable absence: Danielle. This, of course, plays into a narrative that she is being left out by Turner and Chopra — or didn’t want to go boating with the fam.
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Friends and rare days off on a Monday.

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Kevin came along to clear things up. Posting a gorgeous photo of Danielle from the “Sucker” video, he explained that she’s simply at home watching the kids. “Just want to say thank you to Danielle Jonas for being such an amazing mother,” he writes. “Always putting your self [sic] second to the well-being of our girls. I know how hard it is to not be in the same place all the time but just wanted to say thank you for supporting me and loving me through it all.” Then, addressing Danielle directly, he wrote, “I missed you tonight so much. Be home soon baby.” The couple has two children together.
She’s not avoiding anyone, she’s just being a mom. Although salacious rumours are exciting, they’re often not true at all. Danielle even took to Instagram recently to swat away rumours of a family feud, commenting to a follower, “I think everyone should stop with thinking that we don’t like Priyanka she is lovely.” We’re all happy to listen to the Jonas fam when they sing, but let’s listen to them when they dispel rumours, too.

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