The World Is Obsessed With John Travolta's Big Bald Head

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
John Travolta has gone full 8-ball-bald, and his fans are delighted about it. Travolta shared a "Happy New Year" photo to his Instagram this week (a week into 2019!) and his hair appeared to be entirely gone. Where did it go? And who should we thank for this gift?
In the comments of his Instagram, where a lovefest is currently raging, fans are thrilled that Travolta, who was known for his hair when he was young, has decided to shave it off. Fans are also now interested in Travolta giving us a sequel to From Paris with Love. In From Paris, Travolta plays an unconventional operative named Charlie Wax who, conveniently, has a shaved head.
Other commenters are joking that he could participate in a new Die Hard film, taking over for Bruce Willis. The commenters have yet to mention Gotti, Travolta's disaster of a movie from last year. Maybe this haircut is a post-Gotti pivot? Up next, Travolta is slated to appear in the noir film The Poison Rose, which will also star Morgan Freeman and Famke Janssen.
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I hope everyone had a great New Year!

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