SNL Reportedly Cut Pete Davidson From Live SNL Sketches

Photo: Mike Pont/WireImage.
Following an alarming Instagram post late Saturday evening, Pete Davidson was reportedly cut from all live sketches on Saturday Night Live. TMZ reports that Davidson didn't show up for dress rehearsal, and was subsequently shuttered from any live sketch in the show. Davidson did appear live once during the telecast, standing in front of the Christmas tree to announce Miley Cyrus' second performance. Refinery29 has reached out to representation for Davidson for comment.
Davidson entered into a jumbled online feud Saturday, wading into the Kanye West-Drake waters, which had been choppy for the latter half of the week. On Friday, Davidson's ex Ariana Grande joked on Twitter that her fans should ignore the "grown men arguing" on Twitter and instead listen to her song "Imagine." West subsequently criticized Grande for using his conversation with Drake (Aubrey Graham) to sell her song. This prompted Davidson to defend West's disagreement with Graham.
"Bravo Kanye West for standing up for yourself and speaking out against mental health. I can’t explain to you enough how difficult and scary it is to be honest about stuff like this," he wrote.
Moments later, Davidson shared an Instagram post that suggested he was contemplating dying by suicide. The NYPD were called, Machine Gun Kelly tweeted that he was on a plane to New York, and Ariana Grande claimed she was outside 30 Rock offering her support. The New York Times confirmed Saturday night that Davidson had been accounted for — an employee for Saturday Night Live contacted the NYPD to confirm that Davidson was at work.

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