Beating The Odds? Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Spend U.S. Thanksgiving Together

Photo: Marion Curtis/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock.
Thanksgiving is that one time of year when everyone gets together, attempts to set aside their differences, and chow down on a delicious dinner. For Khloé Kardashian, this meant spending it with Tristan Thompson for their baby True’s first Thanksgiving. Yes, there are photos galore, and they are just as adorable as you can imagine.
Kardashian and Thompson celebrated Thanksgiving in Cleveland this year, according to People. Fresh off a celebratory reunion Cavaliers vs. Lakers game, the couple decked out their dinner table in white roses and candles set inside glass holders. Kardashian shared some photos of their holiday on her Instagram stories, and while the savory foods looked amazing, we’re eyeing that dessert table pretty hard — it’s covered in baked goods of every kind: cookies, a pie the size of a planet, and an entire kitchen drawer filled with donuts.
Photo: Courtesy of @khloekardashian.
Photo: Courtesy of @khloekardashian.
Naturally, a Kardashian holiday pic is as art-directed as possible, and this Thanksgiving was no exception. Baby True wore a pink cardigan that matched the table’s linen napkins, and a tiny pair of white ballerina baby slippers with pompoms. Thompson wore a blue and white striped t-shirt, and Kardashian herself rocked her usual mock neck cropped top in pink. Their dinner looked absolutely beautiful, and we commend Kardashian’s brave choice to making pink an autumn colour.
Photo: Courtesy of @khloekardashian.
Photo: Courtesy of @khloekardashian.
Kardashian noticed all the commentary on her Thanksgiving Instas and took to Twitter (why not!) to clap back at those suggesting she was shading her family by not spending the American holiday in Calabasas, CA with the rest of the Kardashian klan.
"I’ve spent the past 3years [sic] in Cleveland for Thanksgiving. Not sure why people are trying to create drama between my family and I," she wrote, going on to explain that Thompson was unable to travel during the holiday due to basketball season commitments.
Thompson and Kardashian have had a rocky 2018, since the news of the cheating scandal broke, and the subsequent birth of their child. She addressed the issue as it plays out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, telling fans that True deserves “love and happiness,” and is working with Thompson to parent her as best they can. From the looks of it, True’s first Thanksgiving with definitely be one for the memories.
This story was originally published on Friday, November 23. It has been updated throughout.

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