Hailee Steinfeld's New Netflix Movie Is A Star Is Born Meets The Roommate

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images.
In the wake of A Star Is Born making everyone bawl over Lady Gaga riffs, Deadline has announced a new potential Netflix movie that could be the thing you need for when you finally stop playing "I'll Never Love Again" on repeat.
According to the outlet, Netflix is in early talks for Idol, a new music-centric movie starring Hailee Steinfeld that sounds like part A Star Is Born and part Leighton Meester horror movie The Roommate.
Per the site, the film — to be produced by Matt Reeves and written by Matt King — is about an assistant to a major pop star, who eventually attempts to "morph into" her music icon boss. It will feature original music, which Steinfeld — a pop star as well as an Academy Award-nominated actress — will reportedly be heavily involved with. Just as Gaga was involved in the performing and writing of the tracks on the Star Is Born soundtrack, including Steinfeld in the soundtrack production should help give Idol a sense of authenticity.
Though we don't know much about the movie or Steinfeld's involvement in it (for example, we're still in the dark about whether she'll portray the pop star or the assistant), the film has been compared to All About Eve, the iconic Bette Davis film about a fan who inserts herself into the live of one of Hollywood's biggest stars.
Whether the assistant in this story will simply try to gain fame for herself (a la Anne Baxter's titular character) or do something more sinister to actually hurt the pop star, is thus far unclear. All we know is that the dynamic between these two is sure to be juicy.
A Star Is Born and Idol aren't the only musical movies in the zeitgeist. Bohemian Rhapsody, a Freddie Mercury biopic starring Rami Malek, hits theaters this November. Vox Lux, in which Natalie Portman plays a pop star, is arriving in December, just in time for Oscar season. Actor Max Minghella's musician drama, Teen Spirit, was released in September with Elle Fanning as the central rocker.
Yes, it's awesome to have so many movies to see, but just as importantly, the prevalence of these music-centric flicks means lots of exciting new soundtracks to download.
Refinery29 has reached out to Steinfeld for comment.

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