We Really Can't Blame Meghan Markle For Turning Her Sister Away From The Palace

Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage.
The Markle family drama officially continues.
At the centre of it all is Meghan’s older half-sister, Samantha Markle, who seems to enjoy throwing the new royal under the bus as often as possible. So it’s no wonder that her most recent antics got her turned away from Kensington Palace.
Ever since Markle was snubbed from the royal wedding in May, she’s been demanding a meeting with the Duchess and Duke of Sussex. Markle reportedly threatened to show up to the palace if she wasn’t granted one. Per pictures published in the Daily Mirror, she appears to have kept that promise.
The photos seemingly show Markle arriving uninvited at the home Meghan shares with Prince Harry, talking with a security guard, and then being wheeled away by a man without gaining entry. But, she did manage to pass along a letter. Later the paparazzi spotted Markle purchasing Meghan and Harry face masks from a street vendor.
Given that Markle didn’t gain entry into the palace, one might say that the trip was a complete wash and waste of money. But seeing as though she may have made over $100,000 off press and TV interviews discussing family matters this year alone, Markle seemingly has extra money to blow.
Following the trip, Markle took to Twitter to share some shady af tweets. “I got some great video on my recent trip to London,” she sarcastically wrote in a tweet accompanied by a Monty Python clip. Later she wrote: "Everybody would love to know what’s in that letter."
It’s safe to say that the letter either never made it into the Duchess’ hands, or immediately went in the trash afterward. Just saying. Showing up to someone’s house uninvited is bad enough. But to do it after dragging the homeowner’s name through the mud for months? That’s a definite no-no, and I can’t blame Meghan for not coming to the door.
After this snub, Markle will hopefully finally take the hint and let Meghan and Harry enjoy the rest of their newlywed days in peace. Or at least keeps her antics off their doorstep.

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