This Video Of Eyeshadow Being Made Is Crazy Mesmerizing

This story was originally published on May 27, 2016.
If you've been following along this week, you know we've been sharing the spoils of a day spent in ColourPop's L.A. headquarters. But between an in-depth sit-down interview with the (once) elusive owners and a detailed look at how the brand makes its cult lipstick, we didn't forget to bring home some pure eye candy. That is, a colourful look at how the brand's popular eyeshadows go from loose shimmer to pressed perfection.
Just over two years ago, ColourPop launched with 31 shades of shadow. If you're a fan, you know how addictive the unique, bouncy texture and vibrant colours are to wear and collect. They are, after all, only $5 USD a pop.
While ColourPop's lead cosmetic chemist says the formula took some serious perfecting (almost a year of tinkering), it's gone unchanged since the launch. In the factory, we followed the best-selling shade Nillionaire, a limited-edition hue from last summer's collection that, due to popular demand, was just added to the full-time roster. (The name, as you might assume, means you act like you're a millionaire and you really have nada — but you still got the $5 to buy the shadow.)
In what is part glittery disco vibe and one part dorky chemistry video, the product is a relatively simple concoction of pigment and pearl blended with a secret mixture of solvents. Then, it's scooped and pressed into pans. The entire process is lightning-fast, but how you decide to wear it, of course, can be far more complex. Press play, above, for a closer look...

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