10 Easy Home Decor Hacks ANYONE Can Do

Photo: courtesy of Melodrama.
Pinterest is a many-splendored thing. It’s not hard to waste an afternoon (or three) scouring all of the interior inspo and pinning up plans for your new apartment. And since it's still summer, there’s plenty of time to put that creative energy — and all those pins — to good use. Or at least finally do something with all those empty wine bottles you’ve been hoarding.

As with all good things of abundance (see also: Sephora, Hulu, and Home Goods), too many options can often end up feeling overwhelming. So we sifted through the mass of craft tutorials and DIY boards to pick our favorite projects of the bunch. From Sharpie-colored slipcovers to a planter made from copper pipes, read on for 10 of the coolest ideas on all of Pinterest.
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Photo: courtesy of Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon via AliceandLois.com.
Although the Japanese Shibori technique is one of the oldest fabric-dyeing methods, it’s also one of the easiest. Case in point: twin-sister-bloggers Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon’s (a.k.a. Alice & Lois) Shibori Indigo Cloth Napkins. The pair provide step-by-step pictures and tips — binder clips work great for triangle patterns — that make failure nearly impossible (and probably still really pretty).
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Photo: courtesy of A Bubbly Life.
Copper is having a moment. Along with being surprisingly malleable, the shiny metal is also super affordable — offering up DIY projects aplenty.

Blogger Laurel Stavros (A Bubby Life) has mastered the art of metallic makeovers. Her copper hanging planter requires little more than rope and tubing scissors — or this helpful roundup — to turn utility pipe into a hip home for your houseplants. Plus, you can dye the rope whatever color you want. Now, just don't forget to water the plant.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kristi Murphy.
I mean, who isn’t a sucker for a good ol’ IKEA hack? They’re cheap. They’re quick. And the end result is almost always an upgrade.

Kristi Murphy
gets it. With just gold spray paint and marbled contact paper, she turns a basic stand into a swanky side table in a matter of minutes (and for under $40, and with four potential color combinations). It’s the stuff of DIY dreams.
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Photo: courtesy of For the Makers.
Who knew pepper — yes, as in cracked — could be so cool? For the Makers, clearly. By simply mixing the seasoning into some standard sculpting clay, they molded their way onto thousands of DIY boards (and jewelry stands) across the globe. These dope ring cones only require pepper, clay, a baking dish, and about 45 minutes. And if black-and-white feels too boring for your baubles, shake things up with something spicy.
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Photo: courtesy of Hello Glow.
In a world filled with harsh chemical cleaners, it’s nice to see the rise of nontoxic alternatives. But even better for the environment (and your budget) are all of the natural DIY options spreading across the internet — including this lavender linen spray from Hello Glow — that look and smell lovely. Dress them up with other essential oils and rest easy knowing all those aromatic notes are eco-friendly.
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Photo: courtesy of The Crafted Life.
What’s not to love about this colorful DIY flower vase from The Crafted Life? Not only does it take less than 10 minutes to complete, it instantly brightens up a space with little more than your choice shade of spray paint and an empty wine bottle. Short on supplies? Just wait ‘til after the weekend, and we’re sure you’ll come up with something.
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Photo: courtesy of Honestly WTF.
Why use a boring bar of soap in the bathtub when you can suds up with a gemstone? Thanks to the ladies at Honestly WTF, you can make your very own glitzy jewel soaps with just about any scent you choose. And if you don’t feel like doing any of the initial legwork, there’s a cute supply kit (with all the ingredients) that ships directly to your door. You’ll shine bright like a diamond every time you shower.
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Photo: courtesy of Caitlin Wilson via Little Green Notebook.
Leave it to DIY queen Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook to ignite a Sharpie-inspired revolution. What started as an affordable alternative to a sought-after fabric has since become an interior design legend: a cheap chair covered in permanent marker that actually looks high-end. Proof that a leopard can change its spots and still stay chic.
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Photo: courtesy of Melodrama.
While the art of decoupage hasn’t been a big part of our lives since middle school, this DIY banana-leaf chair from Melodrama might be a game changer. Basically, you can revamp your old-school plastic seating with whatever pattern you’d like, and all it takes is a printer, medium, and an X-Acto knife. Just grab the closest Eames-style chair and get to gluing.
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Photo: courtesy of A Piece of Rainbow.
Oh, the joys of owning a power drill. You can hang heavy artwork, fix a loose drawer handle, or turn two pieces of wood and some rope into an adorable hanging shelf. Glam it up with a bold paint color or keep it low-key with a natural finish. Just wear gloves, or beware of splinters.
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