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You Have 6 New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s What’s Worth Watching

Just a few weeks ago, Netflix premiered the end of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Now, on Friday, January 22, the streaming service is opening the doors of another witchy series: Fate: The Winx Saga. This drama also follows a teen witch (Sabrina Weird Sister Abigail Cowen’s Bloom), her trouble-making friends, and a mysterious supernatural institution. The major difference here is that Winx prefers fairy drama to feuds with the actual Christian Devil. 

If magical YA shows aren’t your cup of witch’s brew, Netflix has a buffet of other new movies and TV shows this week. Today audiences also get White Tiger, a dark crime drama starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas. The streamer is also serving up two very different competition series, a buzzy international show, and more.  


These are all the new Netflix offerings broken down by plot, genre, and whether you should watch something immediately or skip for now. Keep reading for the lowdown on all of these Netflix treats, including their trailers.

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Fate: The Winx Saga (Season 1) 

What is it?: Sexy, sad, confusing Harry Potter

What is it about?: Alfea, a school for fairies in the magical realm of the Otherworld. Bloom (Abigail Cowen) is our entryway into Alfea. While all of Bloom’s new classmates have been aware of their fae powers since birth, she has only learned of hers recently. A minor season mystery is the cause of her move from our dimension (called the “First World” here) to Otherworld. 

At Alfea, Bloom’s four new roommates (Precious Mustapha, Eliot Salt, Elisha Applebaum, and Hannah van der Westhuysen) serve as her introduction to Alfea. Friendships and teenage feuds blossom as the quintet gets to know each other. Over six episodes, the girls find themselves entangled in multiple mysteries. The chief question of Winx season 1 is how Bloom ever ended up in the First World in the first place. 

See or skip?: Winx is a show that I wish was a full-throated “see.” After the cancellation of Sabrina and The Order, we need a fun magical teen soap. Unfortunately, Winx isn’t the Chosen One. Despite its origins in candy-coloured kids show Winx — remember that version of Winx? — Netflix’s take is often muted and dour, likely in a failed attempt to fit in with hits like Riverdale

Netflix’s Winx also cast a white (albeit plus-sized) actress for an original character named Terra, whom most fans believe is coded as Latina in the animated source material. To make matters worse, Terra's story as a plus-size fairy is defined by her weight. So, you can skip Winx’s without guilt.
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The White Tiger

What is it?: Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ second Netflix project of the year. 

What is it about?: Balram Halwai (Adarsh Gourav), a servant hellbent on becoming a master. At the beginning of White Tiger — based on Aravind Adiga's 2008 novel of the same name — Balram fights his way into the household of wealthy heir Ashok (Rajkummar Rao) and his partner Pinky (Chopra Jonas) as a driver. After a shocking betrayal, Balram realizes his life of servitude is not the privileged society convinced him it was. Balram decides to grasp power for himself, attempting to vault over the social ladder that has been crushing him since birth.  

See or skip?: See, for a black comedy thrill. Beyond Chopra Jonas’ involvement, White Tiger also boasts Ava DuVernay as an executive producer. 
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Blown Away (Season 2) 

What is it?: A competition series format more shows should use. 

What is it about?: The surprisingly intense glass blowing community. Most competition series split an episode into two parts: a low-stakes introductory challenge and the overwhelming main challenge. Blown Away only has one central challenge per 30-ish-minute episode, allowing you to focus in on exactly what the contestants are creating. At the end of every chapter, the best competitor is named “Best in Blow” and another person is eliminated.  

Please also note they say “glory hole” in a serious manner about 20 times per episode. 

See or skip?: See, if you enjoy other artisan series like The Big Flower Fight or Skin Wars. However, if you’re expecting soothing Great British Bakeoff vibes from Blown Away, skip. Everything on this show is made of extremely breakable glass, creating a high-stress experience all the way through. 
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Call My Agent!, aka Dix Pour Cent (Season 4) 

What is it?: The Parisian series for everyone who couldn’t get through Emily in Paris

What is it about?: A flailing French talent agency called ASK. After seasons of drama, top ASK agent Andréa (Camille Cottin) is in charge of righting the sinking of her allegedly prestigious — and definitely chaotic — professional home for one last time. Call My Agent’s fourth season is also its final one. 

Over the series’ six farewell episodes, viewers follow ASK’s heroes as they try to put out fires for their various movie star clients (who are played by real-life actors like Sigourney Weaver and Charlotte Gainsbourg). Unlike Emily in Paris, this version of the City of Lights is wickedly backstabbing and precarious. 

See or skip?: See, if you miss Succession. As Vulture recently pointed out, Call My Agent has the same dark heart as HBO’s cult favourite business drama — as well as a hunger to reveal the ridiculousness of real-life wheeling and dealing. 
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Daughter From Another Mother, aka Madre Solo Hay Dos (Season 1) 

What is it?: A Spanish-language twist on the mom-daughter dramedy. 

What is it about?: Rebuilding after a mother’s worst nightmare. Workaholic tech executive Ana (Ludwika Paleta) and student Mariana (Paulina Goto) wind up in the same delivery room. Their newborns are then mixed up by a nervous nurse, leaving Daughter’s heroines with the “wrong” baby for four months. By the time the truth comes out, the infants are bonded to their respective “mothers.” 

In an effort to solve the extraordinary predicament in front of them, Mariana moves in with Ana’s family to raise their girls together. Nine episodes of emotional growth, cute babies, and shocking family secrets follow. 

See or skip?: See, if you’re looking for a down-to-earth Spanish-language series. Daughter lacks the elevated intensity of fellow Mexican series like Control Z and The House of Flowers. Instead, Daughter would be right at home with the likes of Gilmore Girls.
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Busted! (Season 3) 

What is it?: A Korean-language game show. 

What is it about?: Forcing celebrities to solve a major mystery. Busted follows a very silly premise: What if its famous contestants were implanted with the DNA of previous famous detectives, as part of a covert operation called Project D? Between sleuthing, physical activities, and general frivolity Busted’s stars must stop in-show villain the Flower Killer and solve the ultimate mystery of Project D’s existence. 

See or skip?: If you’re already all in on K-Dramas and K-Pop, you need to see Busted next.
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