This Bridesmaid Upstaging The Couple Is All Of Us During Wedding Season

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Oh, bridesmaiding. The pastime of so many, beloved by so few.

I'm sure there exist women who are just genuinely so psyched to spend months and months assistant-planning someone else's party for the competitive salary of negative thousands of dollars, but I am not one of them. And if you're a bridesmaid for whom all that money-spending and bad-dress-wearing and terrible-bridal-shower-game-playing gets topped off with wedding day train-fluffing duties? Well, you've just won the awkward bridesmaid task lottery, my friend. This is something bridesmaid Janessa James learned the hard way.

Brides reports that James, a "perpetually single bridesmaid," (although come on, does that really make a difference when one is train-fluffing?) was roped into some pretty specific photo shoot duties on her friend's wedding day. Namely, James was asked to enthusiastically fling the train of the bride's dress into the air before diving out of the shot. "And so I did," James wrote on Reddit. "Very theatrically."

Of course, the photographer's accidental capture of James mid-dive is a far more interesting photo than the run-of-the-mill "kissing in the breeze" shot the couple was aiming for. Based on body language alone, it looks suspiciously like James is thinking get me the fuck out of here while simultaneously doing her best "The Hills Are Alive" impression. This is wedding photography gold.

James told Brides that she is no stranger to the train-fluff; she's done bridesmaid duty a dozen times already. "Being a bridesmaid so many times has made me really good at smiling through the pain," she added. And bridesmaids everywhere cringed in agreement.

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