Bob Marley's Grandson Looks & Sounds Just Like Him

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/ Getty Images.
Bob Marley's music, image, and message are immortal. That's a fact. But there happens to be another Marley walking among that can easily carry on the message of his late family member. No, I'm not talking about the singer's son, Ziggy Marley — I'm talking about Skip Marley, the 20-year-old grandson of Bob. From his dreads, to his jean shirts, to his megawatt smile, he's helping to reintroduce reggae to a new, younger generation. Our Millennial Marley.

"My music is about peace, love, and happiness. Unity. Togetherness," he told Teen Vogue in November 2015. "It’s about good vibes and good times. Just living your life. This is music for the people." On February 3, he did give a song to the people, "Lions," and it's really good. In it, he blends his reggae voice with some rock 'n' roll guitars, and a bit of an electronic edge. Although he never met his famous grandfather, he told Teen Vogue that he's felt his presence all through his life. And that's evident in his sound.

Skip, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica and was raised in Miami, even taught himself how to play piano, drums, guitar, and bass, according to Vogue. Other than sounding like his grandfather, he also adopted his Rastafarian lifestyle — he's never cut his hair, like Bob, and never plans to.

Like I said: Millennial Marley, y'all.

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