This Celebrity Starbucks Name Flub Is Amazing

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images.
If you've ever received your morning Starbucks with a misspelled name written on the side in bold Sharpie, don't feel bad. It's really not about you. It actually happens to everyone, even celebrities. On a recent TODAY Show segment, host Hoda Kotb talked about getting a surprising name on her morning Americana.
Kotb, who is Egyptian-American, has a somewhat unusual name, but you'd expect her neighborhood Starbucks barista to have some idea who she was. Perhaps he or she just isn't a fan of the Today Show or just never watches because they're always too busy working the morning shift.

Hoda showed her cup off onscreen and written across the side was "Oda." Interesting interpretation, sure, but Hoda wasn't satisfied. It's not that she wanted her actual name. No, she was hoping to see "Yoda," which would make the mistake even more hilarious.

At least it's not yoda 😊

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Jenna Bush Hager, Kotb's co-host says her name is constantly being misspelled as Janette. Even Helen Hunt has issues with recognition at Starbucks, so you really shouldn't ever sweat a morning name blunder. Think of it as something you have in common with the stars.

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